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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpremeditatedpre‧med‧i‧tat‧ed /priːˈmedɪteɪtɪd $ prɪ-/ adjective  DELIBERATELYa premeditated crime or attack is planned in advance and done deliberately premeditated murder
Examples from the Corpus
premeditatedThe defense claim that the killing was not premeditated.It appears that we are confronted by premeditated aggression...Whatever else persuaded MacDonald to head a National Government, it was not premeditated ambition.Very much a premeditated crime, Watson!It is not really necessary to locate the degree of premeditated dishonesty involved in the politics of policy formulation.Less forgiving souls would call it a premeditated felony.Workman called it the most premeditated form of murder there is.The maximum penalty for premeditated murder is death or life imprisonment.a premeditated murderThe investigator said the killings were the result of poor procedure by trigger-happy police rather than premeditated murder.They were neither premeditated nor authorised.
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