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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpremierprem‧i‧er1 /ˈpremiə $ prɪˈmɪr/ ●○○ adjective [only before noun] formal  BESTbest or most important one of Dublin’s premier hotels
Examples from the Corpus
premierBut premier black leader he is.The relatively small production of Mutigny is, however, of good premier cru quality.Bezannes From no specific mention in the échelle this growth acquired premier cru status in 1985.The prize at the end of the campaign trail is premier league football next season.We look forward in 2000 to consolidating our reputation as one of Britain's premier political publishers.Our fully equipped leisure centre, en-suite rooms with 100 premier quality rooms make a superb venue for conferences or leisure.The Super Bowl is America's premier sporting event.
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premierpremier2 noun [countable]  PGOa Prime Minister – used in news reports the Irish Premier
Examples from the Corpus
premierBut Mitterand accepted the situation, appointing the conservatives' leader, Jacques Chirac, as premier.He was named leader of the Parti Quebecois last week and is expected to become premier before the end of the month.the Chinese Premier Li PengThe new premier, Yu Kuo-hwa, was a Harvard man.In actual fact, the premier was growing more and more disenchanted with the private power lobby.
From Longman Business Dictionarypremierprem‧i‧er /ˈpremiəprɪˈmɪr/ adjective [only before a noun] most successful or importantthe premier bond-trading firm on Wall Streetan agreement to buy some of America’s premier golf resorts