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premiereprem‧i‧ere, première /ˈpremieə $ prɪˈmɪr/ noun [countable]  AMFFIRSTthe first public performance of a film, play, or piece of music Rossini’s work had its premiere at the Paris Opera. a movie premiere the play’s world premiere (=the first performance in the world)premiere verb [intransitive, transitive] The movie premiered on December 21,1937.
Examples from the Corpus
premiereLazarus Productions presents the West Coast premiere of! bold!"Singing in the Rain" begins with its stars attending a movie premiere.The story of its ill-fated Paris premiere in 1913, which provoked fighting in the audience, is well known.Bellini was said to have wept at the Parma premiere.When Mingus's vast orchestral work Epitaph was given its posthumous premiere in 1989, Adams was one of the main soloists.No less a luminary than Wilhelm Furtwangler conducted the premiere.I've been invited to the premiere of the new Schliessman play.The premiere of the miniseries "Roots" took place on Jan. 23,1977.Music-lovers gathered in Boston for the world premiere of Gershwin's opera, "Porgy and Bess."world premiereThere were thousands of paparazzi and fans because they'd never had a world premiere in Houston before.Riverdance, after its world premiere at the Public Theatre in Dublin in 1995, has taken the world by storm.Fergie and Andrew were guests of honour when the film was given its world premiere in London four years ago.Gattaca had its world premiere last month at the Toronto International Film Festival.The opera had its world premiere in March.In the previous year Kondrashin had conducted the world premiere at the Moscow Conservatoire.The world premiere will be in Los Angeles next year.
From Longman Business Dictionarypremiereprem‧i‧ere /ˈpremieəprɪˈmɪr/ noun [countable] the first time a product, especially a film or television show, is seen by the publicIn its premiere episode, the half-hour show had 7.4 million viewers.premiere verb [intransitive, transitive]When premiered at the Automotive Parts and Accessories Association trade show, the car created a minor sensation.The series is scheduled to premiere in March.
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