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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpremonitionpre‧mo‧ni‧tion /ˌpreməˈnɪʃən, ˌpriː-/ noun [countable]  PREDICTa strange feeling that something, especially something bad, is going to happenpremonition of a premonition of deathpremonition that When Anne didn’t arrive, Paul had a premonition that she was in danger.
Examples from the Corpus
premonitionEven then I had a premonition of danger, of menace.She had a premonition that she would die in a plane crash.She had a premonition that she was going to die, and she did so peacefully.About six months after Mr Reynolds' first premonition, he experienced unexplained noises, mainly thumping and banging.He foresaw the decimation of the Hawaiian people; perhaps he had some premonition of his own end too.For Kadare, history is not knowledge but illness, and Gjon falls sick with the premonition of an ominous planetary shift.In the 1972 single-handed Transatlantic yacht race, a number of hallucinations and illusions were experienced, some of them premonitions.He was sitting in the new, renovated bathroom with the unmistakable premonition that now he was going to be sick.had ... premonitionA silent, peaceful place but he had a premonition of something terrible.He had a premonition that the enemy might be waiting for them.Even then I had a premonition of danger, of menace.It was illogical, but she had a premonition that Officer Hassan's instinct would prove correct.
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