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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreoperativepre‧op‧e‧ra‧tive /priˈɒpərətɪv $ -ˈɑːp-/ adjective medical  relating to the time before a medical operation opp post-operative the patient’s preoperative assessment
Examples from the Corpus
preoperativeRigorous control procedures established that it was neither an artefact of nutritional compromise nor of preoperative bowel preparatory protocols.Talking with professionals involved in your care can soothe preoperative jitters.In two randomised prospective studies, however, no advantage of preoperative radiation therapy could be shown.These univariate survival analyses were also separately performed for the group of patients with preoperative radiotherapy and the group with surgery only.Survival of patients was not improved by preoperative radiotherapy, but was significantly associated with a radical tumour resection.The preoperative radiotherapy did not result in a significant prolongation of survival time.After preoperative radiotherapy the percentage of aneuploid tumours decreased significantly, from 71% to 47%.This also applied to the subgroup with a curative tumour resection and is in accordance with other studies that used preoperative radiotherapy.
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