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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreordainedpre‧or‧dained /ˌpriːɔːˈdeɪnd◂ $ -ɔːr-/ adjective  formalCERTAINLY/DEFINITELY if something is preordained, it is certain to happen in the future because God or fate has decided it Is everything we do preordained?
Examples from the Corpus
preordainedBut no one is asking you to conform to a preordained career timetable or a specific direction.The question is not whether countries should proceed along some abstract preordained development path.Nor do examinations in arts subjects help, for these press assignments into preordained formulae rather than liberate innate ideas.I don't believe that this city of ours was preordained, or was entirely a function of the recent past.In due course Agnes forgot her first impulse, yet was moving inexorably on an almost preordained path.Everything in Jean-Claude's life had been decided before he met me, and I was being fitted into a preordained pattern.For them, history is not the exegesis of an ideologically preordained text, but the reconstruction of the past.
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