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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprepackagedpre‧pack‧aged /ˌpriːˈpækɪdʒd◂/ adjective  prepackaged foods have already been prepared when you buy them, so that they are ready to eat, or only have to be heated prepackaged microwave meals
Examples from the Corpus
prepackagedHe will not stand on the stage as the prepackaged candidate of a political marketing team.But the average prepackaged news story or documentary is anything but that.prepackaged saladsAt lunch another truck swung into the parking lot, and we ate burritos and prepackaged sandwiches.Instead of trusting that science lives in our front lawns or in our kitchen cabinets, we look for prepackaged science.It was just another prepackaged step-by-step approach that ignored who those students and that teacher were together.
From Longman Business Dictionaryprepackagedpre‧pack‧aged /ˌpriːˈpækɪdʒd◂/ (also pre-packaged) adjective1if a product is prepackaged, it is prepared and wrapped before it is soldImperial Foods Inc. operates a prepackaged sandwich and vending business.prepackaged software2FINANCELAW a prepackaged arrangement for a company in financial difficulty has been agreed to by CREDITORs (=people and organizations to whom it owes money) before the company goes to a BANKRUPTCY COURT. Prepackaged arrangements are used so that creditors can be paid, or so that the company can continue in another form, more quicklyThe company can seek bankruptcy court approval for a prepackaged reorganization plan if it receives approval from at least half of the bondholders.
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