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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprepaidpre‧paid /ˌpriːˈpeɪd◂/ adjective  BBPAY FORif something is prepaid, it is paid for before it is needed or used The shipping charges are prepaid. a prepaid envelope
Examples from the Corpus
prepaidService is to be effected by posting the process or document in a prepaid registered envelope, or by personal delivery.
From Longman Business Dictionaryprepaidpre‧paid /ˌpriːˈpeɪd◂/ (also pre-paid) adjective1prepaid amounts are payments for things that you have not yet receivedThe pay phones are designed for phone cards and generate more than $2 billion in prepaid revenues. see also freight prepaid2FINANCE a prepaid loan is repaid to the lender before the normal timeThe loan for the dam was prepaid after criticisms of the way the project was financed.3a prepaid letter, envelope etc is one where the sender does not have to use a stamp SYN POSTAGE-PAIDprepaid postcards and toll-free numbers4INSURANCE prepaid insurance contracts are to pay for services that may be needed by the insured person in the futureEveryone has legal needs and the latest option is a prepaid package from Midwest Legal Services.
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