prep‧a‧ra‧tion S2 W3
1 [uncountable] the process of preparing something:
This dish is good for dinner parties because much of the preparation can be done ahead of time.
preparation for
Business training is a good preparation for any career.
preparation of
the preparation of the budget
do something in preparation for something (=in order to prepare for something)
He is practising every day, in preparation for the ice-skating championship.
Plans for the new school are now in preparation.
a course in food service and food preparation


[plural] arrangements for something that is going to happen
preparations for
Preparations for the upcoming Olympic Games are nearing completion.
Preparations are being made for the President's visit.
The festival was a great success, and preparations are underway (=have started) for another one next summer.
3 [countable] formalDCB a mixture that has been prepared and that is used for a particular purpose, especially as a medicine or to make your skin more attractive:
a new preparation for cleansing the skin

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