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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreparationprep‧a‧ra‧tion /ˌprepəˈreɪʃən/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun  1 [singular, uncountable]PREPARE the process of preparing something or preparing for something This dish is good for dinner parties because much of the preparation can be done ahead of time.preparation for Business training is a good preparation for any career.preparation of the preparation of the budgetdo something in preparation for something (=in order to prepare for something) He is practising every day, in preparation for the ice-skating championship. Plans for the new school are now in preparation. a course in food service and food preparation2 preparations3 [countable] formalDCB a mixture that has been prepared and that is used for a particular purpose, especially as a medicine or to make your skin more attractive a new preparation for cleansing the skinCOLLOCATIONSadjectivescareful preparationMoving to a new house requires careful preparation.thorough preparation (=very careful and detailed)Thorough preparation is the best way to do well in an exam.meticulous preparation (=extremely careful not to miss any details)The robbery took place after months of meticulous preparation.good/ideal preparation (=very useful)The game was good preparation for our match at Torquay next week.adequate/proper preparationYou cannot go on a dangerous trip like this without adequate preparation.verbsdo some/no preparationHe had obviously done no preparation for the meeting.need/require preparationImportant competitions need proper preparation.be in preparation formal (=used to say that something is being prepared)Reports are in preparation.
Examples from the Corpus
preparationAggressive fund-raising tactics and preparations for a larger electorate in this presidential election year fueled the increase.Correct preparation of the canvas for painting is extremely important.Grant uses a homemade preparation for his sore muscles.Demands on teachers, both in preparation time and materials to be collected may also be unrealistic.Karahi chicken is a spicy Indian preparation that is also done with lamb.This dessert needs very little preparation, and you can serve it right away.He disarmingly admitted his lack of preparation for the huge range of problems with which he had to grapple.Months of preparation have gone into organizing the festival.Most of the dessert's preparation can be done ahead of time.But, if nothing else, our stay in the SleepTight Room was a reminder that restful sleep takes preparation and thought.Oral contraceptives may mask the symptoms of the disease but it emerges after the preparations are stopped.This is all part of the preparation for next month's vital election.Judy Dunn, a Cambridge psychologist, recommends the preparation of your child for the new arrival.This will require a proactive approach through the preparation of written comments and identifying issues which will be of local interest.They are vital preparations for the future.food preparationWhere grease poses less of a problem, in food preparation areas, for example, choose grease-resistant mats for long service life.The total time used in food preparation consists of active time and inactive time when attention may be directed elsewhere.The delegation looked at a range of hotel operations including food preparation, customer care programmes, sales and marketing and budgeting.Involve your children in all aspects of food preparation, from shopping to cooking.Following the annual migration of food preparation to the outdoors is the perennial question: How shall these delicacies be washed down?The other does household tasks such as repair, food preparation, waste disposal and moving around.Food processors are using the systems for cleaning stainless steel food preparation stations.It transforms food preparation from a tedious routine into an exciting event, and is top-rack-dishwasher-safe.
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