Date: 1400-1500
Language: French
Origin: préparer, from Latin praeparare, from parare 'to get, prepare'


pre‧pare S1 W1

make something

a) to make a meal or a substance:
Prepare the sauce while the pasta is cooking.
When we got home, Stephano was busy preparing dinner.
! It is fairly formal to say that someone prepares a meal. It is more usual to say that they make or cook a meal: Bella was making dinner.
b) to write a document, make a programme etc:
Health and safety officers will investigate the site and prepare a report.
Green set himself the task of preparing a map of this remote area.

make plans/arrangements

[intransitive and transitive] to make plans or arrangements for something that will happen in the future [= get ready]
prepare for
The 45 year-old explorer has been preparing for his latest expedition to the Arctic.
prepare to do something
Her parents were busy preparing to go on holiday.
The prosecution wanted more time to prepare their case.

make something ready

[transitive] to make something ready to be used:
Prepare the soil, then plant the seedlings 8 inches apart.
prepare something for somebody/something
Coulthard's team were up all night preparing the car for the race.

make yourself ready

[transitive] to make yourself mentally or physically ready for something that you expect to happen soon
prepare yourself (for something)
The letter arrived, and we prepared ourselves for bad news.
Can you just give me a couple more moments to prepare myself?
prepare yourself for a race/fight etc
The Chicago Bears are busy preparing themselves for the big game.
prepare to do something
Buy the album, and prepare to be amazed.

make somebody ready

[transitive] to provide someone with the training, skills, experience etc that they will need to do a job or to deal with a situation
prepare somebody for something
a course that prepares students for English examinations
Schools should do more to prepare children for the world of work.
What does a coach do to prepare his team for the Superbowl?

prepare the way/ground for somebody/something

to make it possible for something to be achieved, or for someone to succeed in doing something:
Curie's research prepared the way for the work of modern nuclear scientists.

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