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prepare the way/ground for somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprepare the way/ground for somebody/somethingprepare the way/ground for somebody/somethingPREPAREto make it possible for something to be achieved, or for someone to succeed in doing something Curie’s research prepared the way for the work of modern nuclear scientists. prepare
Examples from the Corpus
prepare the way/ground for somebody/somethingIn other words, he is preparing the ground for a partition of the province.This helped prepare the ground for Labour's literacy and numeracy hours, which have achieved outstanding success.Yet the volume closes with three sonnets which prepare the way for the intensely symbolic landscapes of Mascarilla y trebol.Edelstone and other analysts expect this chip will prepare the way for the K6, due out next year.It prepared the way for the men who were to prepare the way for the Council.A third preliminary task was to prepare the ground for the recruitment of support workers.With hindsight, one can see how Mr Gorbachev has been preparing the ground for this week's changes.His staff could prepare the way for this.
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