preā€§pared S2

be prepared to do something

to be willing to do something, especially something difficult or something that you do not usually do:
You have to be prepared to take risks in this kind of work.
How much is she prepared to pay?

ready to deal with something

[not before noun] ready to do something or deal with a situation
prepared for
I wasn't prepared for all their questions.
well/fully/inadequately etc prepared
Luckily, we were well prepared for the storm.
ill-prepared (=not ready to deal with a difficult situation)
The country was ill-prepared to fight another war.
There was no news and we were prepared for the worst (=expected something very bad).

I'm not prepared to do something

spoken used when saying strongly that you refuse to do something:
I'm not prepared to sit here and listen to this rubbish!

made earlier

planned, made, or written at an earlier time, so that it is ready when it is needed:
The president read out a prepared statement.

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