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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreponderancepre‧pon‧de‧rance /prɪˈpɒndərəns $ -ˈpɑːn-/ noun formal  1 a preponderance of something2 a preponderance of the evidence
Examples from the Corpus
preponderanceAt sentencing, the judge found by a preponderance of the evidence that Putra had been involved in both transactions.If your enemy has a preponderance of missile weapons or lots of war machines then chariots are vulnerable.A high preponderance of Protestant ascetics might then be suggestive.This is probably due to the large preponderance of low-rise multi-storey council housing.But the proportion was still impressive, and it assured the political and social preponderance of the privileged classes.According to a survey of delegates, the majority were happy with the preponderance of ideas-related over object-related sessions.The preponderance of directly managed units in the new arrangements could affect the remit of authorities in another way.
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