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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprescribedpre‧scribed /prɪˈskraɪbd/ adjective  DECIDEdecided by a rule All schools must follow the prescribed curriculum.
Examples from the Corpus
prescribedIf the prescribed action affects others outside your community, would you so react if aware from their viewpoints?All schools must follow the district's prescribed curriculum.Overdosing of prescribed drugs can be fatal.The transition from Key Stage 1 to the more structured and prescribed history curriculum for Key Stage 2 needs particularly careful handling.The surveys will be repeated at prescribed intervals.Sometimes, the subject areas outlined are impossibly large, given the essay's prescribed length.Within a group each individual had a prescribed status above or below the other members of the group.The work of the first two years is based mainly on prescribed texts, and on literary and stylistic criticism.The list of prescribed topics may look formidable, but not all need to be covered in depth.
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