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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreseasonpre‧sea‧son /ˌpriːˈsiːzən◂/ adjective [only before noun]  preseason matches, training etc happen in the time immediately before a sport’s normal season opp postseason preseason training
Examples from the Corpus
preseasonI know they had a good preseason, but the preseason games should not count more than the games late.Smith is only holding back the Cardinals, a preseason favorite to win the National League Central.Indiana ranked high as a preseason favorite, while Stanford went unnoticed in all three major polls.In a preseason game against Jacksonville, Doleman used another move to sack the quarterback that left the Jags' Boselli chagrined.preseason injuriesIt is only preseason, not conference play, but it still counts; it still matters.Three years ago, Steve Fisher was fired and Ellerbe promoted to interim coach just days before preseason practice began.All the preseason stuff is over now.
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