pres‧ence S2 W2
1 [uncountable] when someone or something is present in a particular place [≠ absence]:
Your presence is requested at the club meeting on Friday.
presence of
Tests revealed the presence of poison in the blood.

in the presence of somebody

also in somebody's presence formal with someone or in the same place as them:
He was determined not to complain in the presence of the nurse.
I asked you not to smoke in my presence.


[uncountable] the ability to appear impressive to people because of your appearance or the way you behave:
a man of great presence

official group

[singular] a group of people, especially soldiers, who are in a place to control what is happening:
We will increase police presence in local communities.
Soldiers still maintain a military presence in the area.


[countable usually singular] the ability to gain sales because your business is strong or noticeable:
a company with a strong presence in all major world markets


[countable usually singular] a spirit or influence that cannot be seen but is felt to be near:
They felt a strange presence in the deserted house.

make your presence felt

to have a strong and noticeable effect on the people around you or the situation you are in:
She was a very pretty girl and made her presence felt almost at once.

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