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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpresent-dayˈpresent-day adjective [only before noun]  NOWmodern or existing now present-day Sicily
Examples from the Corpus
present-dayThe colonists settled near present-day Charleston.It provides a useful point of departure for a historian of the present-day civil rights movement in the Soviet Union.To do so is perhaps to judge the Renaissance too much by present-day criteria.Yesterday's public enemies and villains have a habit of becoming present-day cult figures.A superficial reading of this passage might suggest little practical relevance for present-day dealings in employment situations.His present-day detractors might well ponder what would have happened to the country had he died.In looking at the present-day prison system, I shall draw on all these published sources.In present-day western society, most patients will need some dietary therapy and postural correction.
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