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present yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpresent yourselfpresent yourselfto talk and behave in a particular way when you meet people He presents himself well. present
Examples from the Corpus
present yourselfThree difficulties present themselves: 1.As we reach the base, an inkling of a trail presents itself.Two immediate sets of questions present themselves about this tiny, unhappy minority of women who are imprisoned.Rhetorically, he still presents himself as a supporter of bipartisanship.He always presented himself as the redeemed bad boy, but it was a lie, she says.Mendez presented himself at the Marine base in Virginia.The rector could not avoid the thought that presented itself for consideration.It is these patients who present themselves to the outpatient clinic.However, before competing again you must present yourself to the tournament doctor to have both the injury and your bandaging accepted.
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