Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin praesens, present participle of praeesse 'to be before'


1 adjective
pres‧ent1 S2 W2


[not before noun] in a particular place [≠ absent]
present at/in
Foreign observers were present at the elections.
the gases present in the earth's atmosphere


[not before noun] to be felt strongly or remembered for a long time
present in
The memory of her brother's death is still present in her mind.


[only before noun] happening or existing now:
the present situation of the millions of people who are suffering poverty and disease
At the present time we have no explanation for this.

the present day

also the present in the time now, or modern times:
The practice has continued from medieval times to the present day.

the present

also the present tense technicalSLG the form of the verb that shows an existing state or action:
the present tense of the verb 'to be'

all present and correct

British English, all present and accounted for American English used to say that everyone who is supposed to be in a place, at a meeting etc is now here

present company excepted

spoken used when you are criticizing a group of people and you want to tell the people you are with that they are not included in the criticism:
Women are never satisfied with anything! Present company excepted, of course.

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