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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpresentablepre‧sent‧a‧ble /prɪˈzentəbəl/ adjective  SMART/WELL-DRESSEDtidy and attractive enough to be seen or shown to someone She’s a presentable young woman. Let’s tidy up and make the house a bit more presentable. I must go and make myself presentable.presentably adverb
Examples from the Corpus
presentableThis man was in every way presentable.This part of the garage was a little more presentable.We don't have to wear suits for work, but we do have to look presentable.Helen watched my grandmother with a peculiar horror, for my grandmother had abandoned all attempts to make herself presentable.The other men were even worse, even less presentable.Doing it from scratch basically down to writing the page in that make it look presentable, and links to other pages.I make sure Mum looks presentable on Mondays and Thursdays.And this process of making order is presentable only subjectively and in the present.Although Bitstream players often sound a little smoother and more presentable, the process is difficult to engineer successfully.It will take about $7,500 to make the house presentable to buyers.Arnold was a very presentable young fellow.make myself presentableI made myself presentable and sallied forth.
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