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pre‧sen‧ta‧tion S2 W3

give prize

[countable] the act of giving someone a prize or present at a formal ceremony:
the presentation ceremony
Dr Evans thanked him for coming to make the presentations.
presentation of
the presentation of prizes


[countable] an event at which you describe or explain a new product or idea:
We will begin a series of presentations to help the public fully understand our system.
make/give a presentation
I'm going to ask each of you to make a short presentation.

way of saying/showing

[uncountable] the way in which something is said, offered, shown, or explained to others
presentation of
desktop devices for the presentation of information
the presentation of evidence


[uncountable] when you show something to someone so that it can be checked or considered
presentation of
the presentation of the identity documents
on presentation of something
Club members will be admitted on presentation of their membership cards.


[countable]AP the act of performing a play
presentation of
I went to see the National Theatre's presentation of Arthur Miller's 'The Last Yankee'.


[uncountable and countable] medicalMB the position in which a baby is lying in its mother's body just before it is born:
a breech presentation

presentation copy

a book that is given to someone, especially by the writer or publisher
presentational adjective

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