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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpresentlypres‧ent‧ly /ˈprezəntli/ ●○○ adverb formal  1 SOONin a short time syn soon The doctor will be here presently. Presently, I fell asleep.2 especially American EnglishNOW at the present time syn now The range of courses presently available has grown. Your case is presently being investigated.
Examples from the Corpus
presentlyTea will be served presently.What I take exception to is the manner in which we are presently carrying out our naval preparations.The watchers from Berwick's walls presently could see them no more, in an overcast early summer night.Eventually it is intended to remove the ramp which presently gives access to the pattern room.Though a number of its species are uncommon, comparatively few are presently in danger.There presently is funding for 200 beds, but the center could be expanded to 400.The university presently operates two cancer research centers.Chek Lap Kok is open 24-hours a day and presently serves 45 million passengers a year.There are presently three separate standards for such modems, and all three are evolving even as the equipment is being sold.presently availableIt will also enable tutors to visit community groups and to train tutors in areas where they are not presently available.The best scheme presently available is to use high-temperature gas-phase electrolysis of carbon dioxide.These studies need to be repeated with presently available more accurate methods for assay of histamine.This is a relatively clean source of energy compared to chemical sources such as coal-burning power stations and to presently available nuclear power.The most important limitation of presently available systems is the lack of a reliable deglutitive signal.
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