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presidencypres‧i‧den‧cy /ˈprezədənsi/ ●○○ noun (plural presidencies) [countable]  PGOJOB/WORKthe position of being the president of a country or organization, or the period of time during which someone is president Roosevelt was elected four times to the presidency of the US. There were few real improvements during his presidency.
Examples from the Corpus
presidencyThe largely ceremonial presidency would rotate among major groups.Mr Clinton began his presidency wanting to do it all.Now Clinton has an opportunity to think and act in terms of the legacy of his presidency.Truman's popularity had fallen to the lowest point of his presidency.Perot, whose bid for the presidency was unexpectedly effective, forced Clinton to fight on a second front.Overall, the presidency of Gerald Ford was not a success.Buckman needs 57 votes to retain the presidency of the company.The railway companies soon turned their attention to the presidency cities of Madras, Bombay, and Calcutta.He has passed the first three tests on the way to the presidency with room to spare.No Republican has won the presidency without winning Ohio, for example.
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