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press something home

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpress something homepress something homea) PUSHto push something into its place Jane slammed the door and pressed the bolt home. b) EMPHASIZEto repeat or emphasize something, so that people remember it He decided it was time to press his point home. press
Examples from the Corpus
press ... pointDeuce did not press the point.I decided not press the point.She had refused to disrupt an already smoothly running system and he hadn't pressed the point.It was not a place for reasoned argument and Alec Davidson did not press his point further.To press the point home, each packet carried the World Wildlife Fund logo.When it comes to cost, an Associated Press article points out the add-ons could wipe out your sandwich savings.We have become expert in the physiognomy of pleasure, the nodes to press, the points to massage.Piers didn't say anything, but he didn't press the point with her.
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