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press-upˈpress-up noun [countable]  British EnglishDSO a type of exercise in which you lie facing the ground, and push your body up with your arms syn push-up American English
Examples from the Corpus
press-upThe Corporal who was with us at the time, a new one detached from Orange, immediately awarded Mike 2,000 press-ups.Shame heats our cell, and press-ups, and prayers.Examples of which most people have heard are press-ups, stomach curls, and leg lifts.We had been getting it wrong, so were face down in a foot of water in the field doing press-ups.In return for their addresses he would allow me to stop doing press-ups in the mud.He was doing press-ups, an activity which Dougal found distasteful.What an incitement to lust all those press-ups must be.I pissed in a test-tube, had four injections and did twenty press-ups to get my heart going.
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