1 noun
press1 S2 W2



the press

[also + plural verb British English]TCN people who write reports for newspapers, radio, or television:
The press have been very nasty about him.
b) TCN reports in newspapers and on radio and television:
To judge from the press, the concert was a great success.
The band has received good press coverage (=the reports written about something in newspapers).
local/national etc press
The story was widely covered in the national press.

get/be given a bad press

to be criticized in the newspapers or on radio or television:
The government 's policy on mental health care is getting an increasingly bad press.

get/have a good press

to be praised in the newspapers or on radio or television:
Our recycling policy is getting a good press.


a) BBCTCN a business that prints and sometimes also sells books:
the Clarendon Press
b) also printing pressTCN a machine that prints books, newspapers, or magazines


[countable]DHDL a piece of equipment used to put weight on something in order to make it flat or to force liquid out of it:
a trouser press
a flower press


[countable, usually singular] especially British English a light steady push against something small:
Give the button another press.

go to press

TCN if a newspaper, magazine, or book goes to press, it begins to be printed:
All information was correct at the time we went to press.


[singular + of] especially British English a crowd of people pushing against each other

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