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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpressingpress‧ing1 /ˈpresɪŋ/ ●○○ adjective  SOONneeding to be discussed or dealt with very soon syn urgentpressing problem/matter/need etc Poverty is a more pressing problem than pollution.
Examples from the Corpus
pressingSurvival is the most pressing concern of any new company.a pressing need for medical suppliesThe company likes to oversee as much of the recording to pressing operation as possible - which takes about four months.More pressing political problems would doubtless have necessitated the relegation of such matters to a secondary role.On the right, the even more pressing problem of who was to succeed Alexander.pressing problem/matter/need etcFew envisaged what was to come, for there were more pressing problems.Funding issues For many centres, securing funding for the new qualifications is a pressing need.If the Sargents were concerned about Margarett, they did nothing about it; they had a more pressing problem.Others say tax money should be used to solve more pressing problems.The client may then be asked to re-order this list in terms of the most and least pressing problems.Only a few delegates sensed that pressing problems had been shelved.She had more pressing matters in hand.The United States in 1938 saw no pressing need to play any great role in the world.
pressingpressing2 noun  1 [countable] a thing or group of things, especially records or CDs, that have been made by pressing plastic or metal into shape The CD, released in October, sold out a first pressing of 1,500 in just four months.2 [countable, uncountable] the act of pressing something The olives are heat treated during the second pressing.
Examples from the Corpus
pressingAt its Llanfyllin site, Grayman Tooling and Pressings manufactures sheet metal pressings and assemblies mainly for the automotive industry.The ones selected for each disc present the artists' finest performances and these are only transferred from high quality original pressings.But the pressings which come out of the plant for Cowley and Longbridge are essential.The three formed around 18 months ago and released a trio of EPs in a thousand pressings each.
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