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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprestigiouspres‧ti‧gious /preˈstɪdʒəs $ -ˈstɪː-, -ˈsti-/ ●○○ adjective  REPUTATIONadmired as one of the best and most important a prestigious literary award a highly prestigious university
Examples from the Corpus
prestigiousThe other awards, featured on page 15, may be more prestigious but they certainly won't be more hotly contested.The anxiously awaited invitations to the prestigious end-of-year dance began to arrive.Serious contenders for the prestigious individual all-around gold medal title could number as many as 10.I am a partner in one of Cleveland's oldest and most prestigious law firms.Women are attaining powerful and prestigious managerial positions.Was it prestigious or trashy to be a disco diva?The simpler forms are designed for less prestigious or valuable property.Key Publishing, who produce FlyPast, added a sum of £500 to go with the prestigious trophy and the associated publicity.One of the most prestigious universities in the country is looking for a new president.highly prestigiousThe private practice was never very large but it was highly prestigious.
From Longman Business Dictionaryprestigiouspres‧ti‧gious /preˈstɪdʒəs-ˈstiː-, -ˈstɪ-/ adjective admired as one of the best and most important of its kindan opportunity to work for one of the world’s most prestigious companiesThe RIBA Gold Medal is considered to be the world 's most prestigious award for architecture.
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