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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpresumptivepre‧sump‧tive /prɪˈzʌmptɪv/ adjective formal or technical  BELIEVEbased on a reasonable belief about what is likely to be true a presumptive diagnosispresumptively adverb
Examples from the Corpus
presumptiveHis youngest son John was to be betrothed to the Count's daughter and heiress presumptive.A presumptive diagnosis of gout can often be made on the basis of hyperuricemia and the clinical presentation.An erect abdominal x ray showed no free gas but a presumptive diagnosis of perforation was made.Normally, they punish the presumptive nominee in the late primaries.These are the considerations justifying a presumptive privilege for Presidential communications.A new poll makes drought-stricken Texas look like an oasis for the support-thirsty presidential campaign of presumptive Republican nominee Bob Dole.Bob Dole, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.
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