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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreternaturalpre‧ter‧nat‧u‧ral /ˌpriːtəˈnætʃərəl◂ $ -tər-/ adjective formal  1 UNUSUALbeyond what is usual or normal He felt possessed of a preternatural strength and fearlessness.2 MYSTERIOUSstrange, mysterious, and unnatural the preternatural green lightpreternaturally adverb The town was preternaturally quiet.
Examples from the Corpus
preternaturalThe story emphasizes the heroine's preternatural beauty.It loomed over him chuckling with preternatural malice.As she sat there, she experienced a sense of what seemed to be preternatural power.But I was one now, fused for a preternatural purpose.Autumn was here, on the heels of a mutilated summer, and it had arrived with preternatural speed.a preternatural spirit
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