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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreternaturalpre‧ter‧nat‧u‧ral /ˌpriːtəˈnætʃərəl◂ $ -tər-/ adjective formal 🔊 🔊 1 UNUSUALbeyond what is usual or normal 🔊 He felt possessed of a preternatural strength and fearlessness.2 MYSTERIOUSstrange, mysterious, and unnatural 🔊 the preternatural green lightpreternaturally adverb 🔊 The town was preternaturally quiet.
Examples from the Corpus
preternaturalThe story emphasizes the heroine's preternatural beauty.It loomed over him chuckling with preternatural malice.As she sat there, she experienced a sense of what seemed to be preternatural power.But I was one now, fused for a preternatural purpose.Autumn was here, on the heels of a mutilated summer, and it had arrived with preternatural speed.a preternatural spirit
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