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pretty well/much

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpretty well/muchpretty well/much spokenALMOSTalmost completely He hit the ball pretty well exactly where he wanted it. The guard left us pretty much alone. They’re all pretty much the same. pretty
Examples from the Corpus
pretty well/muchOtherwise you have to walk the half block, but then you can see them pretty well.It seemed to be pretty much an open and shut case of accidental death, apart from the problem of identifying him.They have timed the deal pretty well, and not just from a weather outlook.They know me pretty well here.Once we would arrive at a place, Alistair seemed to leave Judy pretty much on her own.Our point here is that at an abstract level, every organization values pretty much the same things.Since I was there six years ago some things have changed and others have remained pretty much the same.In 1992, Clinton had pretty much wrapped up the Democratic nomination by Super Tuesday.
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