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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprevalentprev‧a‧lent /ˈprevələnt/ ●○○ adjective  COMMONcommon at a particular time, in a particular place, or among a particular group of peopleprevalent in/among etc Solvent abuse is especially prevalent among younger teenagers. the prevalent belief in astrologysee thesaurus at common
Examples from the Corpus
prevalentThis belief is more prevalent among men than women.The guidelines are geared toward three groups of people based on their ages and the most prevalent causes of death.Flu is most prevalent during the winter months.Depression remains one of the most prevalent health disorders in the US.Everyone knows that crime is more prevalent in big cities.The disease is prevalent in temperate areas with high rainfall.What specific social problems are prevalent in the area and what support can you expect in trying to prioritise for special need?Obesity was found to be prevalent in women, particularly blacks.Drug abuse is the most prevalent problem among patients in the hospital.In many cases, they are distinguished from the prevalent structural range by their degree of architectural pretension.Just how prevalent these are has been demonstrated in a new survey by the Urban Institute.The most prevalent trees are sycamores: There are 915 of them in the city inventory.How prevalent was the use of adobe as a building material?prevalent in/among etcFeeding problems are more prevalent among low birth-weight babies.The cynicism and materialism already so prevalent in our culture are given the imprimatur of policy.It explodes the myth prevalent among pupils at school that history graduates mainly become history teachers.Low pay is not only prevalent in some sectors of manufacturing industry.Compared with peptic ulcer, these diseases are rare and not particularly prevalent among the oldest in the population.Although eschewing the analysis prevalent in the traditional psychological novel, Sarraute's work nevertheless combines representation with reflexivity.Menopause could be the reason heart disease is more prevalent in women over 55 compared to younger women.Obesity was found to be prevalent in women, particularly blacks.
From Longman Business Dictionaryprevalentprev‧a‧lent /ˈprevələnt/ adjective frequent or common at a particular time or in a particular situationSexual harassment is prevalent in the workplace.the most prevalent mistakes made by individual investors
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