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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreventivepre‧vent‧ive /prɪˈventɪv/ (also preventative) adjective [only before noun]  PREVENTintended to stop something you do not want to happen, such as illness, from happening preventive health programspreventive action/measure While travelling abroad, take preventive measures to avoid illness.preventively adverb
Examples from the Corpus
preventiveBut he said there is a real need to develop more effective preventive agents.The effects of preventive and corrective measures will be monitored and the operation may be postponed until any problems have been resolved.Her order of preventive detention caused consternation among lawyers over a possible breach of civil liberties.The other is preventive health care for all, including prenatal care.preventive health careThe only preventive measure researchers can take is to concentrate on what is triggering quakes on the rifts that are turned on.It was hardly surprising that preventive medicine, and state medicine in particular, refused to give unconditional support to eugenics.Such apathy is indicative of the generally low emphasis and under-investment in health education and preventive medicine in Britain.Some preventive strategies and vaccines are not used because of a perceived lack of cost-effectiveness.preventive action/measureIsabel became suddenly aware of her own vulnerability and of the need for preventive action.The injection is not a conventional vaccine as it treats the infection rather than being used as a preventive measure.Seen simply as a preventive measure, education for older adults is a good investment.Currently, Medicare covers no preventive measures except for flu shots and mammograms every other year for women over 65.Accordingly, evaluation will be undertaken to ascertain that the preventive measures implemented have been effective.The use of preventive measures is also illustrated.The only preventive measure researchers can take is to concentrate on what is triggering quakes on the rifts that are turned on.There are a lot of preventive measures that would reduce the number of severe mental problems.
From Longman Business Dictionarypreventivepre‧ven‧tive /prɪˈventɪv/ (also preventative /-ˈventətɪv/) adjective [only before a noun] intended to stop something happeningimprovements in auto safety and other preventive measures.
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