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preventive medicine

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreventive medicinepreˌventive ˈmedicine noun [uncountable]  MHmedical treatment, advice, and health education that is designed to prevent disease happening rather than cure it
Examples from the Corpus
preventive medicineSuch apathy is indicative of the generally low emphasis and under-investment in health education and preventive medicine in Britain.The appointment of John Simon as first Medical Officer heralded the replacement of the grandiose principles of sanitary engineering by preventive medicine.He says physicians should be well-trained in standard medical care and also grounded in preventive medicine and healing alternatives.There exists no preventive medicine for the pain of feeling excluded or underappreciated.We have received clear evidence from opticians in our constituencies that the imposition of charges runs contrary to the concept of preventive medicine.It was hardly surprising that preventive medicine, and state medicine in particular, refused to give unconditional support to eugenics.Laughter and fun should also be on your preventive medicine shelf.
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