Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: preie, from Latin praeda 'something seized'


1 noun
Related topics: Animals
1 [singular,uncountable]HBA an animal, bird etc that is hunted and eaten by another animal [= predator]:
a tiger stalking its prey

bird/beast of prey

HBA a bird or animal which lives by killing and eating other animals

be/fall prey to somebody/something

if someone falls prey to someone or something bad, they are harmed or affected by them:
Street children in this part of the world often fall prey to drug dealers.
They are prey to nameless fears.

easy prey

a) someone who can easily be deceived or harmed:
He was easy prey for the two conmen who called at his house.
b) an animal which is easily caught by another:
Fish at the surface of the water are easy prey for eagles.

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