2 verb
Related topics: Illness and Disability
1 [intransitive and transitive] if something prickles your skin, it makes it sting slightly:
A cold breeze prickled his face.
His hair prickled my neck.
prickle on
He felt sweat prickle on his forehead.
2 [intransitive]MI if your skin prickles, it begins to sting slightly:
Her skin was prickling uncomfortably.
3 [intransitive] British English if your eyes prickle, they sting slightly because you are going to cry:
She felt her eyes prickle. 'It was awful,' she whispered.
4 [intransitive] if you prickle, you feel slightly angry, excited, or afraid
prickle with
The thought of meeting him made her prickle with excitement.
prickle at
She felt herself prickle (=become angry) at his tone of voice.

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