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priestesspriest‧ess /ˈpriːstes/ noun [countable]  RRa woman with religious duties and responsibilities in some non-Christian religions
Examples from the Corpus
priestessShe can be a priestess, counsellor, or wise grandmother.What does it mean to be a priestess?Aleus, forced Auge to become a priestess in the temple of Athena at Tegea, which secured her perpetual virginity.They generally symbolize pagan religion and particularly the presence of a goddess and priestesses.We stop in front of a tiny ranch-style bungalow in which Mrs Nishimae, the head priestess, lives.Even Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons, high priestess of the black fashion statement, is designing in color.I gave thanks to the priestess of that oracle and left the X-ray Department in a state of exhausted exultation.Whatever the priestess at Delphi said would happen infallibly came to pass.
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