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prima donna

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prima donnaprima don‧na /ˌpriːmə ˈdɒnə $ -ˈdɑːnə/ noun [countable]  1 APMthe most important woman singer in an opera company2 PROUDsomeone who thinks that they are very good at what they do, and demands a lot of attention and praise from other people In my view, football players are a bunch of over-paid prima donnas.
Examples from the Corpus
prima donnaDespite her glamour she was never a prima donna, and the memory of her vocal clarity and unaffected piety will endure.Bob Woodward was a prima donna who played heavily at office politics.I wouldn't want either player on my team - they're both prima donnas.The days of the creative genius prima donna are over.Did Parks stomp off in a huff like some injured prima donna, some egomaniac?Melinda Mullins -- a presence to remember -- plays the prima donna, Hilary, who tosses off an insult a minute.
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