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prima facie

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Related topics: Law
prima faciepri‧ma fa‧cie /ˌpraɪmə ˈfeɪʃi $ -ʃə/ adjective [only before noun] law  SCLbased on what seems to be true when you first consider a situation, even though it may later be proved to be untrue prima facie evidence a prima facie case of professional misconduct
Examples from the Corpus
prima faciea prima facie case against him
From Longman Business Dictionaryprima faciepri‧ma fa‧cie /ˌpraɪmə ˈfeɪʃi-ʃə/ adjective [only before a noun]LAW based on facts that appear to be true, although they may later be proved not to beprima facie evidence of fraud
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