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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprimarilypri‧ma‧ri‧ly /ˈpraɪmərəli $ praɪˈmerəli/ ●●○ W3 AWL adverb  MAINmainly The advertisement is aimed primarily at children.
Examples from the Corpus
primarilyLanguage is primarily a system of signs.Neither did governing bodies regard their role as primarily concerned with monitoring the curriculum.Private law primarily concerns the rights and obligations of citizens against and towards one another.Diarrhoea was treated symptomatically, usually coincidentally by morphine given primarily for pain.One is raised primarily for the purpose of foie gras, the succulent swollen liver of the goose.They told him that their plan, at the time, was to recruit primarily from medical and dental schools.The company expects the early versions of the chip will go into low-end desktop computers primarily sold outside the United States.This paper is devoted primarily to harmonization of legal rights and duties arising under international transactions.The bond and currency markets, trading primarily via phone, operated throughout the day, but sluggishly.At my last job I worked primarily with immigrants.
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