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prime example

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprime exampleprime exampleTYPICALa very typical example of something Blakey Hall is a prime example of a 19th-century building. prime
Examples from the Corpus
prime exampleThe prime example discussed by Stepp and Michalski involved classifying simple pictures of goods trains.Some of it is merely popular or a prime example of a genre.All prime examples of been there, done that, but old age means I've forgotten.Indeed, asbestos is a prime example of how marginal exposure to carcinogens does not cause disease.The prime example of political control is the government's Action for Community Employment scheme.He was a prime example of self-disparagement.The prime example of that was his chief financial officer, whom he inherited from the previous president.Not surprisingly, then, the prime example of this new R & B sensibility was a black university graduate.
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