Date: 1300-1400
Language: French
Origin: Latin primus 'first'


1 adjective
prime1 [only before noun]
1 most important [= main]:
Smoking is the prime cause of lung disease.
Our prime concern is providing jobs for all young school leavers.
He was named as the prime suspect in the murder investigation.
Good management is of prime importance in business.
2 of the very best quality or kind:
prime rib of beef
prime agricultural land
The hotel is in a prime location overlooking the valley.

be a prime candidate/target (for something)

to be the person or thing that is most suitable or most likely to be chosen for a particular purpose:
The school is a prime candidate for closure.
Old people are a prime target for thieves.

prime example

a very typical example of something:
Blakey Hall is a prime example of a 19th century building.

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