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primordialpri‧mor‧di‧al /praɪˈmɔːdiəl $ -ˈmɔːr-/ adjective formal  1 SAexisting at the beginning of time or the beginning of the Earth the primordial seas2 SIMPLE/NOT COMPLICATEDprimordial feelings are very strong and seem to come from the part of people’s character that is ancient and animal-like He was driven on by a primordial terror.3 the primordial soup
Examples from the Corpus
primordialThe fear of separation I suddenly understood that day to be a fear as primordial as the fear of death.Nun: primordial deity of the waters of chaos, depicted in human form.primordial instinctsThe blue mountains like a photograph of primordial ocean.the primordial origins of lifeThe Napa Valley, raised from the primordial sea, was formed by violent volcanic eruptions.This is why bodies exist, rather than separate replicators still battling it out in the primordial soup.Pilgrims of the primordial, we go to reflect on our birth.
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