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primroseprim‧rose /ˈprɪmrəʊz $ -roʊz/ noun  1 [countable]HBP a small wild plant with pale yellow flowers, or the flower from this plant a bunch of primroses2 (also primrose yellow) [uncountable]CC a pale yellow colour3 the primrose path
Examples from the Corpus
primroseShe wore her corsage of violets and primroses pinned to the lapel of her grey suit.A green salad can be enhanced by primrose and violet heads, and they make appealing decorations for a cake.Wright and Burton performed a crossover study of evening primrose oil and placebo in 99 adults and children with atopic eczema.Pale lemon primroses and polyanthus in paint-box colours herald in spring joyfully.We rode home through a brilliant day smelling of primroses.As children, she and her sister Ruth had reckoned the first outing to pick primroses as the true herald of spring.The sheep are not much more than the primroses.Would the primroses be starring the banks along the lane to Nidden, she wondered?
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