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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprincelyprince‧ly /ˈprɪnsli/ adjective [only before noun]  1 AMOUNTa princely amount of money is very large – often used humorously to mean a very small amount of money My savings had now reached the princely sum of £30. a far from princely salary2 formalGOOD/EXCELLENT impressive or generous princely buildings A princely welcome awaited them.3 PGObelonging or relating to a prince a princely state
Examples from the Corpus
princelyThe evolution of a rudimentary bureaucracy was, by 1180, the distinguishing feature of royal and princely administrations.The Fatimids gave their princely fabrics the color of light; their robes and turbans were white and gold.Problems were now far more likely to arise in determining the rights of succession among competing members of a princely family.a princely giftYet as the century wore on, their military character ceased to be the exclusive distinguishing feature of princely households.As the number of these dwindled, princely jurisdiction apparently reached its low point.Head up, a princely posture.When the leaves turn colour and the berry clusters are ripe, the rowan is a princely sight.the princely statesIt is she who is the target of the fundamentalists, from the most princely to the most popular.the princely sum ofAnd young activists can win the princely sum of £100 if they come up with the winning slogan.Like the other outreach workers Saturday, Harris earned the princely sum of $ 24 for her hours of outreach.The result was that it had been increased only twice and now stood at the princely sum of £30.Our local CAA-approved doctor charges the princely sum of £65 for similar services.
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