Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: preinte, from preint, past participle of preindre 'to press', from Latin premere


2 noun
print2 W3


[uncountable]TCN writing that has been printed, for example in books or newspapers:
There was no print at all on the backs of the tickets.
in print (=printed in a book, newspaper etc)
It must be really exciting to see your work in print.
the pleasure of seeing my name in print
Very little of his poetry actually got into print (=was printed).

be in print

TCN if a book is in print, new copies of it are still being printed:
After fifty years, the book is still in print.

be out of print

TCN if a book is out of print, it is no longer being printed and you cannot buy new copies


[uncountable]TCN the letters in which something is printed:
The book is also available in large print.
The print quality of the new printer is excellent.

the small/fine print

the details of a legal document, which are often printed in very small writing:
Always read the small print before signing anything.


[countable] a mark that is made on a surface by something that has been pressed onto it:
His feet left deep prints in the soft soil.


[plural]HBH the marks that are made by the pattern of lines on the ends of your fingers [= fingerprints]:
The police found a set of prints on the car door.


[uncountable and countable]TIM cloth, especially cotton, on which a coloured pattern has been printed:
a lovely selection of floral prints
She was wearing a cotton print dress.


[countable]TCP a photograph that has been produced from a film:
Why don't you order an extra set of prints?
a colour print


a) a picture that is made by cutting lines onto a piece of metal or wood and then printing it onto paper
b) a copy of a painting that is produced by taking a photograph of it and printing it onto paper

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