Date: 1700-1800
Language: Latin
Origin: 'earlier, older, higher in rank', from Latin pri 'before'


1 adjective
pri‧or1 W3
1 existing or arranged before something else or before the present situation [= previous]:
You do not need any prior knowledge of the subject.
Changes may not be made without the prior approval of the council.
Vegetarian meals are provided by prior agreement.
Some prior experience with the software is needed.

prior warning/notice

a warning or announcement made before something happens:
The society must give customers prior notice before changing the cost.
The bomb exploded without any prior warning.

prior to something

formal before:
All the arrangements should be completed prior to your departure.

prior claim

a person's right to something which is considered more important than another person's right to the same thing:
His own children have a prior claim to the business.

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