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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpristinepris‧tine /ˈprɪstiːn/ adjective  1 NEWextremely fresh or clean a pristine white shirtsee thesaurus at clean2 something that is pristine is in the same condition as when it was first made The car has been restored to pristine condition.3 not spoiled or damaged in any way pristine African rainforest
Examples from the Corpus
pristineThe bustle of passport control and customs clearance over, father and daughter emerged into the pristine arrivals lounge.Beyond the pristine beaches are rain forests.He passed her a pristine handkerchief and waited.Three giant mining conglomerates are moving ahead in three pristine locations.He wore a charcoal-grey business suit, with a pristine white shirt and maroon silk tie.the pristine whiteness of newly fallen snowpristine conditionBoarders live in the plainest of rooms, kept in pristine condition.Past the end of the lake a limestone grotto is reached, affording shelter but not now maintained in pristine condition.The photographic archive of the Crown Agents in London contains a magnificent record of these stations in their pristine condition.They spend up to 3,000 hours bringing what look like rusty writeoffs back to pristine condition.The Flack team restored her to pristine condition as G-FURY, and she made her first flight at Elstree in June 1980.
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