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private enterprise

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private enterpriseˌprivate ˈenterprise noun  [uncountable]PE the economic system in which private businesses are allowed to compete freely with each other, and the government does not control industryprivate sector
Examples from the Corpus
private enterpriseThe development was originally envisaged as a private enterprise initiative.Council building reaped the benefit of the price set by private enterprise.So modest pay increases were accompanied by a lifting of restrictions on public officials engaging in private enterprise.That is an extraordinary doctrine of private enterprise.Its political platform is brief: the iron hand against Communism to save private enterprise.He has announced that private enterprise will be allowed to flourish.Even more alluringly, the entire process could be handed over to private enterprise.He advocated experiments with private enterprise in the coal industry.
From Longman Business Dictionaryprivate enterpriseˌprivate ˈenterprise1[uncountable]ECONOMICS the economic system in which private businesses compete freely with each otherlaws permitting private enterprise and the establishment of joint stock companies2[countable]ORGANIZATIONS a company owned by people or other companies, rather than by the governmentThey are transforming state-owned industries into private enterprises. enterprise
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