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private eye

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private eyeˌprivate ˈeye noun [countable]  informalBOINVESTIGATE a private detective
Examples from the Corpus
private eyeEspecially since Tunney's already struck out as a private eye.Did they hire a private eye to wreak havoc on the life of the harasser?Me in New York having drinks with a private eye.I think in those days all private eye and detective shows were very cynical and hard-boiled.Legendary San Francisco private eye Hal Lipset and five fellow gumshoes have an offer that may fit snug as a glove.Roddy McMillan played the same Glasgow private eye but was called Daniel Britt on this occasion.
Private EyeˌPrivate ˈEye trademark  a British satirical magazine which is known for criticizing and making jokes about famous people, and for printing stories about dishonest or embarrassing behaviour by people in public life
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